I don’t believe that, in a fair and equal world, no one would feel the desire to shave their body hair. But in that world, nobody would feel weighed down by the stressful expectations that come from these physical presentations. No one would feel need to freak out or worry because they forgot to shave their legs before going out to the grocery store wearing shorts. No one would need to worry whether or not showing up to dinner with friends while having hairy armpits is appropriate or inappropriate. Our body hair choices would just be another seamless, stress-free decision in the otherwise mundane routine of our personal lives. We would make the decision to shave or not shave with the same immediacy that we do the decision to tie our hair up or leave it down, to wear our watch or leave it at home, which book to bring with us to the beach, what songs to download before a road trip.

In a fair and equal world,

body hair would not normally be a political statement.




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Growing food instead of lawns is good, but can we PLEASE stop with the condescending bullshit that implies that people who choose to grow lawns must only being doing it for shallow ‘sheepish’ reasons?
Maybe instead of snidely saying ‘trying to impress your neighbors?’ give people instructions on how to work with and/or fight their home owner’s association, how to appeal to a landlord, how to address local ordinances, and how to grow stealth food crops as ornamental plants in areas where food gardening is banned. Seriously, they will come bulldoze your shit and then bill you for it.
We need more posts instructing people how to guerrilla garden and found community gardens, and fewer posts saying ‘You only have a lawn because you’re shallow and vain and stupid!’

There is always a lawn alternative. Always!
For technology has brought a lot of commodities, more securities, more scientific knowledge, but life appears to have less and less meaning for humanity. Never before has humanity been so empty and bored, or made so many efforts to desperately acquire more. This desperate grasping is and has always been the only real cause of humanity’s suffering and the imbalances of this earth. It creates aggression and poverty, instead of the open generosity of our natural selves. For the worst toxins are not those of external pollution but those generated by humanity’s wrong thinking.
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I’m obsessed with red peppers. I also wish I had an oven.


Stuffed peppers before going in the oven! Rice, chickpeas, swiss chard, zucchini and peppers. 
haha for some reason I pictured her placing lives hens on the table and saying “go on!!! eat up!!!”

Yes, that’s what I wanted people to picture :) Dead or alive, they’re the same hens.

Anonymous asked:
How can you avoid spending too much time on tumblr or internet in general?

You asked the wrong person! My computer is always on, from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed.

I think at first you will have to force yourself to make a change. The computer is a habit, and to be honest sometimes I think of it as an addiction. You’ll have some withdrawal symptoms.

Find things to do that don’t require a computer. Studying, reading, spending time outside or with family… If you can do this for a few weeks you should be good. Try to come to a point where even if the computer is on, it doesn’t appeal to you as much anymore.

Try this mental exercise: when you’re sitting in front of your screen, ask yourself why you’re even sitting there. What are you doing and what are all the other things you could be doing instead? This should help you distance yourself from tumblr and the internet.

Explore nature.

But if after all you decide that you want to spend more time on tumblr, you can also follow my study blog :3

Anonymous asked:
What do you think about non vegan people?

For most of my life, I wasn’t vegan.

I think most people who aren’t vegan do not know why one would go vegan. Many don’t know what veganism is. Others don’t believe that animals are not to be used for our own interest, either because they’ve never thought about it, or because they consider animals to be unworthy of respect.

I think many people would become vegan if they came across the information I came across when I first started learning about veganism, which is why I reblog some of the posts I reblog and publish some of my own thoughts about veganism.

My two youngest brothers are both complaining to me that my grandmother is pressuring them into eating hens, when they don’t want to. They’re on their way to veganism, I think.

My boyfriend stole some beer glasses for me, so now I’ll drink all my smoothies out of big beer glasses :p I think that’s very funny.