Easter: Celebrating the death of a false God whilst dining on the flesh of innocent beings and snacking on bovine secretions shaped like chicken periods to further the social disconnection between animals and food.

RIP to all the male chicks who were ground up to meet the demand for eggs this easter


Because coloring eggs for no good reason is definitely more important than sentient life.

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accidentally woke up at 4 but i watched the sunrise
Look at my beautiful tomato collection :D

I kind of like the exam atmosphere. Thousands of 20-year-olds sitting in a huge exposition hall outside of Paris for six hours every day, all in the same boat. Having a crush on the guy sitting behind me and exchanging smiles when one of us comes back from the bathroom. Hahaha.

Two (three) exams left next week. It won’t be the same thing, we’ll be split up into language groups.

Oh and I’m going to London next Friday :) I need some change.

Anonymous asked:
What do you think/recommend as some good exercises that work your tummy/waist? Cause I'm pretty small and slim but my tummy kinda blobs out and I've always been pretty self conscious of it. I know you'll say I should embrace my body for what it is but like its only my tummy that bugs me really....

Hello :)

I think you should focus on your whole body instead of just on your stomach. Doing ab exercises will train your stomach muscles only and will not necessarily give you a flatter stomach or a better posture - and it will not make you lose stomach fat.

I think you should do a type of cardio that allows your whole body to be trained: running, swimming or walking for example. It will help you have a better posture and will tighten your whole body. That’s what has always worked for me, at least.

Oh and. Now that I wear skirts and dresses all the time, I’ve noticed that even my biggest food babies disappear when I wear tights. Haha. Maybe that can help you forget about your stomach!

Anonymous asked:
Hello beautiful fruit powered friend :) I wanted to know if recently you are eating mainly raw during the day these days… I try to mainly eat fruit during the day, but I recently feel quite tired and not satisfied; I don't know if I'm not eating enough or if I should add fats… I read eating fat during the day isn't a good idea with lots of fruits… i'm confused, so I was wondering what kind of meals you had and if you noticed a difference with adding more fats in your diet. Thank you xxx :)

Hey :) Late answer, sorry.

No, I’m not eating mainly raw at the moment. Lentils just don’t look very nice, that’s why I don’t post pictures of them :p I try to eat half raw, but now during exams I do not do that.

Hmm. Make sure you are getting enough calories. If you are below 10% of fat, EAT MORE fat, really. You do need some. If something feels wrong, something probably is wrong :) Don’t dismiss it as “detox”. I feel better with a little more. I still eat a high carb diet though :p I feel really good physically at the moment, despite all the tiring exams.

Eating fat during the day is fine. It was fine during the rest of your life, and it is fine now. If you want a better digestion, just eat the foods that have a high water content first or on their own. A lot of those tips out there are mostly myths.

At the moment I eat three or four meals a day, without snacks. That’s kind of a revolution for me… I used to be an eternal snacker. Today I had bananas and rice for breakfast (yes - low water content because of exams), banana + bread with almond butter during my exam (I’m usually not a bread eater but it’s great for exams), and then lots of fruit at 16:00 when I came home. Tonight I don’t know. A big salad maybe. Potatoes or lentils or both. And some kind of fatty food. I have walnuts in my little closet.

I’ve had 160 hours of written exams in total since September. \o/ soon over.