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Sam, what do you think is the best way to remember large amounts of information for exams?


You employ the read, write, recite and recall method. Throw away your highlighter. Underlining is useless. Most of the time when we are reading and underlining our minds are somewhere else and none of it sticks but we don’t realize it until we are staring at an exam paper.

So, you read a section. You write brief notes on the section. The act of writing transfers the information from short term to long term memory. Then you look away and force yourself to remember without looking. You will then see what stuck and what didn’t. Review what didn’t and move on to the next section. Using mnemonics (See: Memory Techniques) for memorizing lists such as anatomical structures or elements of a cause of action works well.


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I can scratch my chin with my armpit hair.

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I'm REALLY trying to become vegan (from vegetarian) but I also binge eat. I've been doing really well the past few days but it was Easter (which I don't even celebrate!!) so people bought me chocolate (which makes me ill anyway!!) long story short I've eaten a load of chocolate, containing milk, and now I feel sick and guilty for the animals and the calories. I don't understand why I have no self control. I really want to be vegan and I don't know how to stop craving the animal products. Sorry.

Hey :) The only way to stop craving animal products is to stop eating them, really. Now I look at all those things I used to eat and simply do not label them as “food” anymore. Change the label. I know they’re edible, but that’s it. They’re harmful, and besides that, our bodies do not function optimally when we eat them (you’ve noticed :p). Animal milk is addictive; it contains opioids that are not suitable for us. So it is normal that you feel drawn to it.

I suggest you go cold turkey. To make it easier, keep the same macronutrient ratio, so the change isn’t too big (at least for the fat to carb ratio). Also, make sure that you are not undereating, and that you are eating enough healthy foods. That alone should keep cravings away. Tell your family and your friends that you are a vegan and that you do not want them to give you any animal products.

If you still binge eat, well… there is a lot of vegan junk food. You do not need to binge on dairy, right? That is at least one thing you can control. I just answered an ask about junk food, maybe that can help you with your binge eating problem. Here’s the link:

Good luck babydoll :) You will never regret going vegan. You’re making a very good decision. (And don’t be sorry for messaging me :p)

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I feel so fat rn. I've been eating nothing but junk and im just feeling disgusting. What do i do? How do i change? I relapse into unhealthy habits so easily. Im really upset. I wish i could just tear the fat off of myself.

Hey <3 Your fat is not the problem. This feeling you have comes from your unhealthy eating habits. Once your body is full of healthy food, you will feel better about yourself. You will have more energy and feel less bloated. Bad or slow digestion can make you “feel fat”, I have noticed that. Because the food sits inside of you and makes you feel heavy.

How do you change? You understand that you are in control; you decide to be in control. Not in a bad, restrictive way. When you feel like eating junk, you take this feeling to a second level and interpret it. It might be a sign that you lack certain nutrients. It might show you that you are addicted to junk food. It might mean that you go from one extreme to the next: from foods that are too salty to foods that are too sweet, and are never satisfied.

What you do is that you do not resist the food craving, but you feed it with something else. I think you should try soups or smoothies, because you will get many nutrients from different fresh foods in a short amount of time. Try going junk food free for a week and see if you still crave it at the end of the week. And then keep going. Eating junk triggers a craving for junk, that’s how it works. You are getting too much of certain things, and too little of others. Your body is in distress.

Of course, once you’ve found your new balance, you can eat “junk food” from time to time if you want it; normally, you shouldn’t slip back into your unhealthy habits immediately if you eat healthy food most of the time. I think you’ll learn what works for you once you have healthy habits to fall back on.

Good luck :)

Wow. If you’re ever feeling really bad physically or mentally, make a soup. Take a pot, throw in two zucchinis, one red bell pepper, a couple tomatoes and a couple mushrooms, some random herbs, and water (~3cm high). Let it cook. Then blend the whole thing, including the water (minus the pot :p).

Eat it all. That’s how you get high on plants. Cheap, easy.

I’m floating right now.

And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.
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Eating apples while resting my feet. Lovely evening.

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For the digestion anon: it also helps if you eat mono meals atleast at breakfast because everything digests at the same rate and it starts your day off in regards to digestion, good

Digestion anon!

Thank you! I agree :)


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You know what the best thing you could do for Earth Day is?


Go vegan. Everyday. Animal agriculture is the largest cause of global warming, pollution and deforestation. Yes, it’s worse than all the worlds transportation systems combined, and much worse than crop farming. Pro tip: cutting out meat actually reduces the amount of crops farmed as well, as much less grains will be needed to feed livestock. 

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Every day, between 6,000 and 43,000 children die of starvation, while about 40 per cent of fish caught worldwide, about 50 per cent of the world’s grain harvest and about 90 per cent of the world’s soy harvest are fed to “farm animals” in the meat and dairy industries! Eighty per cent of the children who go hungry live in countries that have a surplus in food production, but the children remain hungry and die of starvation because the grain surplus is exported to be fed to animals. Using plant foods to produce unhealthy animal products is an absurdity, a scandal and the ultimate waste: to produce just 1 kg of meat, one needs – depending on the species – up to 16 kg of plant foods and 10 to 20 tons (10,000 to 20,000 litres!) of water.
Dr. med. Ernst Walter Henrich, Pro Vegan (via veganfirebender)

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